Kinesiology originated in 1964 in the USA. Initially it was directed towards structural imbalances to support chiropractic adjustments but now has many other valuable applications….

As other health benefits became apparent various new forms of Kinesiology started and are now being used on a regular basis to effect assistance in healing with amazing benefits.

Kinesiology is non invasive and suitable for newborn babies right through to the elderly. It doesn’t hurt and you remain fully clothed throughout the session.

At Health and Healing For All we utilise these techniques for Health MOT’s (female clients only), Food, Allergy, Pathogen and Nutrition Testing, Beautiful From Within – Anti Ageing support and in the Conception & Fertility consultations.

By using muscle testing techniques the practitioner can identify the energy blockages within the body’s electrical and mechanical circuitry which, when corrected, bring the body systems back into balance.WORKING ON CHRISTINE 1

It can also be used to detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food intolerances and and pathogen infections, is a valuable tool in fertility and conception work, our Beautiful From Within – Anti-ageing consultations and is the foundation of a Health MOT session.

Kinesiology is based on the fact that the body never lies. Sometimes we don’t understand what it is trying to tell us, but that does not change the fact that the body is constantly trying to communicate to us what is going on inside. Kinesiology is a practical tool for assessment on an emotional, mental, physical and energetic level.


Kinesiology also offers Emotional Stress Release which can greatly assist with phobias, fears and trauma related issues.

An initial session including completion of a health questionnaire can take up to 2 hours.

Additional sessions if required normally take 1 – 1 and a half hours.

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