Here is an amazing “cleansing and calming” ritual for those of you that are feeling overwhelmed at the moment…

Yes it might seem mad but you don’t truly know if it is until you’ve tried it do you (and frankly I gave up worrying about what people think and so should you, life is too short as we are all seeing right now).
Get several blank pieces of A4 paper and a decent pen that won’t run out halfway through…
Start by writing your full name including any middle names and your date of birth at the top.
Underline them.
Further down the page begin writing. Literally “anything” that jumps into your head. However crazy, rubbish or immaterial. Once you have got that out focus on the worries you have, is it money, sickness, family members, the earth, society, people stockpiling, worrying that there won’t be enough to go around?? anything and everything. Just let it pour out right there on the paper and as many sheets of paper as needed. Allow yourself plenty of time.. Don’t rush it… if you feel you are done, wait for 3 – 4 minutes, breath deeply and then see if anything else comes up, it might be things from the past, things you feel guilty about now or the past, like I said, “anything and everything”. If you have one, fold up your paper and pop it in an envelope and seal it (if you don’t have one don’t worry about this stage).
When you feel you are good and empty, go hunt out an old stainless steel pan, an old frying pan or even an old oven dish. One you aren’t too bothered about.
Hunt out a lighter or matches or suchlike.
Head outside, somewhere with plenty of ventilation.
Put your papers/envelope in the vessel and set light to it. Let it burn. Continue relighting it until it is all burnt away. As it burns take deep breaths and with every breath feel that stress releasing.
Once it has all burnt you should be left with a pile of ashes. If you have a piece of selenite and/or any kind of quartz crystal including rose quartz then go get them. Bring them to the ashes and even if they are still warm, carefully place them in them (don’t burn yourself though!). Cover the dish/pan with the ashes in it with something, a tea towel, a plate, whatever and leave them overnight to steep.
Next day, take the crystals out, say thank you to them and give them a quick rinse and put them somewhere to dry and recuperate.
Take the ashes, lift them up to the sky and empty them out (don’t stand downwind ha ha) and let them fly away… Take a moment. Take several cleansing breaths. Feel that weight lifted. Say “I am free”.
This is also an excellent ritual to do with children who are anxious and fearful (following proper safety protocols of course) 💚🙏