“Amazing little bottles of magic”

This time last week I had the enormous privilege of presenting to the Cumbria Women in Enterprise Group. If you aren’t familiar with the group already, it is a truly lovely group of non-judgemental, like-minded business women who meet monthly to provide support, guidance and business opportunities for each other. The subject of my talk was specifically requested by the organiser, a lovely lady called Helen Render of Candy Print (www.printing.com).
Hence I found myself talking to a group of nearly 20 ladies about these “amazing little bottles of magic” called Bach Flower Remedies and how they can be used to support many ailments both physical and emotional and for all manner of recipients including adults, babies, dogs, cats and horses.

Dr Edward Bach, who had worked as a microbiologist at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital in the early 1900’s, developed the concept of highly diluted plant infusions to cure emotional and physical imbalances. The remedies are safe, non-habit forming and suitable for all ages.

bach-remedyIf you aren’t familiar with Bach Flower Remedies you may have heard of “Rescue Remedy” which is freely available in chemists and health food shops alike and used by many to treat the symptoms of stress/shock/emotional upset. What most don’t realise is Rescue Remedy has 37 brothers and sisters and all these remedies can help no end of health issues.

During the talk I explained to the ladies the types of ailments/emotional issues that could be helped by particular Remedies. For example, the remedy “Gentian” is especially helpful at this time of year for those who suffer from low mood due to the dark nights/lack of sunlight.

Another good one is Willow which can help a clingy baby or toddler cope with going to nursery or being separated from his/her mum for any length of time.

Horses and pets too benefit from the remedies with Cherry Plum supporting post op, dogs and cats who have had their “bits done”…

So all in all, there is rarely an ailment or emotional issue which cannot be supported by these “amazing little bottles of magic”.

If you would like a FREE copy of my “Bach Flower Remedies for Health” document which gives more information on which remedies support what and the relevant dosages, then go to www.healthandhealingforall.co.uk and click on the “Events” page available in the drop down menu – scroll down a tiny bit to the “CWE” section and the document is there for you to download and keep.

For those of you who would like to purchase any of the remedies discussed in the document, I keep a limited stock at my treatment room at 2 Cecil Street, Carlisle, CA1 1NL at a cost of £4.95 each. Within a 5 – 10 mile radius of Carlisle I can deliver free of charge or bottles can be collected during clinic opening hours.

If you or a family member, pet or horse has a particular ailment you would like support with and its not mentioned in the document please don’t hesitate to contact me, in confidence, to discuss on 07889648238, by email at help@healthandhealingforall.co.uk or via the private messaging service available on my business Facebook page you can find here 

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