Baby Reflexology

Here at Health and Healing For All we use the Baby ReflexTM method of Baby Reflexology. 

baby reflex 2

baby reflex™ is specially adapted reflexology for babies and toddlers.
In this informal and friendly session baby will receive a calming and balancing reflexology treatment to support baby with discomforts such as colic, wind, silent/acid reflux, constipation, tummy upsets, teething pains, sleeping problems and ear/nose congestion. It is very gentle and calming and boosts baby’s immune system. Included in the session is instruction on how to continue the positive effects of the session once at home.
Baby Reflex is suitable for babies from 4 weeks old and can be performed on baby if they are awake, sleeping or feeding.
A session is up to 90 minutes and costs £45.00
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