Bio-Energy Therapy & Shamanic Healing

 Bio-energy Therapy and Shamanic Healing has been known and worked with in therapeutic and healing ways for thousands of years if you haven’t heard of it before you may have heard of its very very distant cousin, Reiki. However, I often say to clients if you think of Reiki as drinking dilute squash, Bio-energy Therapy and Shamanic Healing is like drinking fresh orange juice – better for you and more nutritious….

Although individual practitioners and schools of bio-energy therapy and Shamanic Healing may differ in approach and techniques used, all are based on the ancient principles of balance and alignment of the human bio-energy system. Everything that happens to the physical body is reflected in its energy flows and vice versa. Illness or disease in any form denotes an imbalance in the bio-energy system. A healthy person shows a free-flowing balanced bio-energy system both through the body and in the bio-energy field that surrounds the body.

Bio-Energy Therapy & Shamanic Healing?
Bio-Energy Therapy & Shamanic Healing are gentle, yet powerful healing modalities. These forms of treatment are totally natural with no medications, needles or machines involved. It requires very little touch and is fully safe to use on all conditions.
During a treatment, practitioners begin with a series movements to relax the client, increase the flow of energy and bring blockages in their bio-energy field to the surface. The practitioner uses different Bio-Energy therapy and Shamanic Healing techniques to release the blocks and re-establish the natural flow of energy.

Each client presents a different energy system which requires subtle differences in treatment. Thus each session is unique to the client. The effectiveness of the treatment is powerfully governed by the intention and focus and awareness of the practitioner. Healing initially occurs on the energy level which in turn affects the physical symptoms.
A “session” can be either 90 minutes or 120 minutes in length (clients choice) and varies in cost from £45.00 up to £60.00.
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