Business and Employee Health and Wellbeing Education

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At Health and Healing For All we offer bespoke Employee Health & Wellbeing Education Services which are tailored to the specific needs of your industry and its employees with the goal of:

Increasing productivity

Reducing staff absence

Improving employee retention rates

Higher company morale

Decreasing employee health-related costs

Limiting Health and Safety incidents

The support provided to businesses is NOT in the form of fitness regimes or the usual eat less junk/eat more salads advice. It is a unique combination of re-education and practical strategies and techniques which can be used “on the job” / “at the desk”. 
Options are: talks, presentations, half day and full day workshops and if desired one-to-one sessions with individual employees, managers or directors. Sessions can be tailored to cover topics such as “How to cope with workplace stress” or to improve particular issues such as fatigue, digestive issues, migraines & headaches, sleep disorders and even chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis.
Improving employee health and well-being can never fail to have a positive impact on company morale and in return increase productivity and engagement in the workplace. Contact us for an informal and confidential discussion.
Tax laws relating to “Benefits in Kind” introduced by HMRC on 6th April 2016 can help your company fund an Employee Health & Wellbeing program tailored to yours and their needs.
“The company workforce is an organisation’s most valuable resource. It is highly difficult, or even impossible, to replace this human asset which is why “workforce wellness” is an organisational imperative” – Carole Spiers, ISMA Chair, Founder of National Stress Awareness Day
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