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Here at Health and Healing For All we use a combination of therapies including, Naturopathic Nutrition, Kinesiology, Access Bars Therapy, Bio-energy Therapy and Reflexology to support your journey to a positive conception.

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Every woman’s/couples fertility journey is different. For some the path is smooth and free of obstacles, for others, it may feel like an impossibly steep uphill road littered with false hopes and upset.

You may be trying for your first child and it’s taking longer than expected or reaching that “magic” 12 weeks is proving difficult, you may be waiting for IVF/ICSI/egg donation or you may have previously given birth but this time it’s just not happened…

Here at Health and Healing For All we use several different therapies to support you on your fertility journey and all of these are designed to also complement IVF, ICSI and egg donation methods.

Step 1. Current National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for couples trying to conceive suggest that if a couple has been trying for more than 12 months (or six months if over the age of 35), they can ask their GP for a basic semen analysis for the male and basic hormone profile for the female. This can provide invaluable information for clients and for practitioners in terms of what might be affecting client’s fertility.

A basic semen analysis will look at the volume of seminal fluid and motility (how well they are moving). For women, the main hormones for testing would be FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone), oestrodial/oestrogen, prolactin and thyroid function tests (TSH, T3 and T4). These tests should all be taken on days one to three of the menstrual cycle (other than the thyroid which can be taken at any time) and provide information on ovarian reserve. Progesterone should be tested at seven days post-ovulation taking place and the levels of progesterone being produced to supported implantation and pregnancy.

During your initial appointment with Health and Healing for All an assessment is made as to whether any nutritional support is required. Many of the individuals/couples we work with have already made positive changes to improve their diet but if the digestional system isn’t functioning correctly then even with a supposedly “good” diet the body may be malnourished (even though the client has or is gaining weight). By implementing a simple naturopathic nutritional health program the body’s digestional processes can be re-balanced. This in itself can improve the potential for a successful conception. In this session we may also discuss the health and nutrition of the partner/sperm donor in order to support good sperm motility and quality.

Step 2 (i). Practical treatment. Depending on the initial assessment it may be hormonal support that is provided through Bio-Energy Therapy/Reflexology treatments or it may be that the body would benefit from a detoxing and/or a boosting of the immune system in which case we would suggest RLD Reflexology sessions.

Step 2 (ii). Emotional support. The path to a successful conception with its dramatic highs and equally dramatic lows can take its toll so as part of the process we also provide emotional support. Sometimes just having someone not emotionally involved in the process to talk to helps. For others, we may offer treatment sessions specially designed to relieve some of the stress and pressure surrounding the process, Access Bars Therapy is excellent for this.

Step 3. Once the nutritional health program and treatment sessions have been completed we move to technical support including for women, plotting ovulation and subsequently the timing and frequency of intercourse and in some cases the position(s) best suited to conception. Many women/couples have never been instructed on how to correctly use ovulation test sticks and/or the Basal Body Temperature Method as an aid to conception.


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Every woman’s journey is different. It is as unique to you as your fingerprints. Factors such as age, general health and any pre-existing health conditions are all important considerations. During the initial assessement, a full fertility health questionnaire is completed and this can provide invaluable insight but alternative healthcare, just like IVF, ICSI and egg donation – is not a “quick fix” or “magic wand”. However, nutritional, emotional and practical support can all smooth the path to a positive conception. Ideally, if clients have chosen the assisted route to conception we like them to work with us for 3 months prior to their next round of IVF. That way we see the best results.

During the initial appointment, you will be given an indication of what type and how many sessions we recommend. However, this is only a guide, some clients respond extremely quickly and others take a while longer. The need for further treatments is reassessed at the end of every session.

The initial assessment is £80.00 and takes at least 2 hours. This cost includes the naturopathic nutritional health program and all the information you need to follow it fully.

There may be a small increase to the cost of your weekly shop as you make positive changes to what you eat.

Bio-energy Therapy and RLD Reflexology sessions are 1  to  1.5 hours in length and are £40.00 each. During your intial appointment an indication of how many sessions may be needed will be provided.

Any other support during the process such as by text, email or telephone is supplied without charge.

I am able to offer appointments at my clinic in Carlisle in Cumbria or in Long Buckby, in the Midlands (near Northampton)

Carlisle appointments are available at Ground Floor, 2 Cecil Street, Carlisle, CA1 1NL

Occasionally I am available at other venues, to enquire please contact me here

Appointments can be booked with Adrienne by telephone on 07889648238 or alternatively you can email

We can also be contacted via our facebook page at

Firstly, congratulations on your successful conception!

Here at Health and Healing For All I choose to work with women from pre-conception to conception, throughout their pregnancy and right through to and sometimes during their labour. I then provide post-partum support for mum and baby on an ongoing basis. That being the case my time is limited but by all means contact me and if I can possibly help I will.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all regarding your conception and maternity journey and of course once pregnant we can support both mother and baby’s health with regular Bio-energy Therapy sessions.

Once baby is born we provide post-partum support for the new mum, nutritionally, emotionally and physically and BabyReflex sessions for the new baby from 4 weeks old to help with any reflux, colic, constipation or sleep issues.