So we have over a week under our belt of (official) isolation. I know for some of you it’s been longer. How are you coping?

Isolation can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Clients speak to me of fear, followed by relief, then a strange enjoyment and almost a joy at having more time, a slower pace of life, getting outdoors more (even if it is just once a day), time to read, peace.

But then, a change. A sort of “shift”. No motivation to move. We tire of the constant news cycle, binge eating, TV watching and phone scrolling.  Nerves get frayed. Angry exchanges. Our enthusiasm wanes for this enforced stay-at-home time. A realisation that actually we enjoyed the commute to work; the school run; popping to the shops; being caught in conversation with a “nosy” neighbour!

This shift in emotions is to be expected, after all as a collective we are all experiencing it so the feeling spreads, not unlike the virus. We especially feel it in the Sacral Chakra. The storehouse of our emotions. The home of our lower digestion, kidneys, and bowels!

Here are some practical things you can do, eat, drink, etc. which will help you rebalance your emotions and restore you to a brighter mood.

(i) Daylight – during this time of isolation try not to fall into the habit of sleeping, eating and staying up –  late. Try to maintain some sort of routine. Science has shown as human beings we don’t cope well with long periods in the semi-dark/dark. Even cloudy weather, if we are outside, can produce enough light to keep our pineal gland working effectively and our serotonin levels high enough to boost our mood (but no sunglasses please!).

(ii). If you have fallen into the pattern of sleeping late and staying up late then try eating some TARRAGON, especially in your evening meal. This herb has the ability to rebalance your sleep/wake cycle. (NOTE: not suitable for those on blood-thinning medication or any blood clotting disorder)

(iii) So, being home (possibly alone) you are most likely finding yourself on your “gadgets” that bit more. To connect, to keep up to date, to kill time…To improve your mood take a break from the laptop, iphone, tablet and AVOID using after 3pm. So do your social media catching up and the majority of your laptop stuff earlier in the day. The blue/white glare from screens of any kind interferes with the glandular balance in the body leading to depression and mental health issues. Over time constant use effectively closes the 3rd eye. It is felt even more by children.

(iv). If you are a crystal owner then the three crystals to home in on are – carnelian, citrine and selenite. Ideally together. If you only have one in the list don’t be shy of just using that. Pop on your person – under your feet while sitting or in your pocket during the day then transfer to under your pillow or next to your bed at night.

(v). Alternate nostril breathing – those of you that do yoga may have come across this technique. It is fabulous for rebalancing your thoughts and emotions. It is a great way to calm the nervous system, relieve tension and anxiety. You can find simple instructions here – — I practice each morning just for 10 minutes before my daily meditation/visualisation time.

Try to remember, “this too shall pass”. This current situation is temporary and it is normal that during long periods of isolation the energy body takes the opportunity to bring to our attention any emotional baggage (and the attached emotions) that are now ready to clear.
I hope you find these suggestions helpful if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Until next time, keep well.
Adrienne x

1. Tarot Readings – these can be done via FaceTime/Skype/WhatsApp – these are £40 for 1 hour.
2. Treatment sessions – I have lots of clients who aren’t local to where I live, some in other countries. For those, I have been providing “DISTANCE/REMOTE” healing sessions for several years. I charge £50 per session. It includes nutritional/immune health advice.
Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. All conversations will be held in the strictest confidence. I know this is a worrying time for many. I will be posting, mainly on Facebook and Instagram, daily tips and advice on subjects such as ways to naturally boost your immune system and what herbs and foods can help you recover more quickly. As well as Tarot Card readings.