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property cleansing (2)Every day all of us are constantly “dumping” into the space around us. Dumping emotionally, physically and energetically. Often as a result of events such as a bereavement, divorce or separation, falling outs, homesickness, a child going off to University, stress or illness. This is the reason sometimes you walk into a property or room and it feels “off”.

This is what we call this stagnant “low vibration energy”. This then attracts other low vibration energy to it and before you know it a whole property feels “off”. This can then impact on how the occupants of the home or business feel.

Other examples of stagnant energy are lots of arguments, feeling “sad” or “tired”  when you walk in the door and room(s) feeling unseasonably cold and/or damp. Our home should be an intimate, private and safe place to be. To clear it of unwanted energy and emotion will allow for a balancing to occur. You will sleep better, feel more relaxed, and there will be more unity in the household.

This will also help anyone in the property to generate more ideas and creations e.g. writers, painters, graphic designers, sculptors all benefit from regular energy clearing of their workspace.

Property clearing is an amazing process to help transform your home. For a business this will lead to less turnover of staff, attract more clients and encourage customers to return.

If you are selling your home you will want to make sure that stagnant energy is removed as this allows for the person looking to buy your home to feel like it is their own. Meaning, when they step into the property they will feel only their own energy. This makes them feel like they own it already. It’s a fresh start. This can result in a property selling more quickly.

If you have just bought a new home having an energy clearing allows for your home to be cleansed of the old owners. It gives your home a pleasant and fresh start. You will feel only your energy and vibration in the home. This will result in a happy loving space to live in.

To obtain the rates for house clearing please send me a message to help@healthandhealingforall.co.uk

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