Celebrant Ceremonies for You


Beautifully unique and heartfelt wedding, vow renewal, funeral and naming ceremonies to remember…


Hi, I am Adrienne and I would love to serve you as your Celebrant. It would give me the utmost pleasure to provide you with a unique and beautifully woven wedding, vow renewal, funeral or baby naming ceremony.
Weddings – Weddings should be a time of joy, laughter and love and my bespoke wedding ceremonies include rituals, readings, poems and vows to make sure you and your guests remember it forever… 
Did you know all that is legally required of you in order to “wed” is to say 42 words in front of a registrar and 2 witnesses and to sign some paperwork? You can complete this cheaply and easily at your local registry office and then have the ceremony of your dreams at the venue of your choice, on a hillside, in your home or garden, on a beach, next to a lake – the world is your oyster! I lovingly welcome same-sex couples.
Vow Renewals – Vow renewal ceremonies are very popular and can be done at any time in your marriage or relationship. You may wish to reaffirm your original vows or you may wish to make new ones. It could be for a special or significant anniversary or to mark a new chapter in your lives. Many couples have them following a particularly difficult phase of the relationship or if the original rings are lost or damaged and it feels ‘right’ to mark this event in some way. You can renew your vows however and wherever you choose, just the two of you at home or in front of guests in a larger setting. Either way, I will support you with a ceremony to cherish forever.
Funerals – In these modern times, many are no longer affiliated with a particular church or feel more spiritual than religious. As such they may not desire a traditionally religious funeral service. I will design and deliver a touching, heart-led ceremony whether that be a cremation, natural burial, graveside burial, ashes scattering or memorial service which will complement and celebrate the beliefs of the deceased.
Naming ceremonies – Many parents these days are no longer drawn to a traditional christening in church but they would still love to celebrate the new arrival with family and friends. A bespoke naming ceremony individually crafted by me to reflect your views is the answer…


Other naming ceremonies are available to mark surrogacy, adoption (of whatever age), changes of name through deed poll or the blending of two families. 

Other ceremonies available include: interment; memorial; woodland burial; new home; new business – please contact me for further details.

How does it all work?

After our initial discussion either on the telephone or by email, we will meet either in person or via Skype if that isn’t possible to discuss ideas for the type of ceremony that you would like. You are free to have as much or as little input as you desire. If it is for a wedding or baby naming its natural for clients to have lots of ideas but for a funeral you may wish to leave it to me.
I will then write a “script” especially for you including words, vows (if appropriate), poetry and readings and submit this to you for approval.
Following approval, I will carry out this beautiful and unique ceremony.
After the ceremony, I will send you a Presentation Script and/or certificate for you to keep if deemed appropriate.

If you would like to have a chat to see if I am the right Celebrant for you and your event then please feel free to contact me at help@healthandhealingforall.co.uk or telephone me on 07889648238. It would be my privilege to serve you as your Celebrant.

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