Love your pet or horse? Then remember, remember the 5th of November….

pixabay fireworksWe all know that we should keep pets and horses inside but what if that isn’t enough?

Last year I posted a blog on the uses of Bach Flower Remedies to support emotional and physical health in us humans. If you missed it you can find a copy here.

What most people don’t realise is Bach flower remedies can be given to pets and horses too as they are non-toxic, natural and safe. In recent years their value has been recognised by an increasing number of vets and animal behaviourists. As some of them are specifically designed to deal with emotional states like fear and shock, they are ideal for helping keep pets and horses calm during the noise of fireworks.

So of the Bach Flower Remedy family which one(s) are best for your pet(s) and horses on Bonfire Night?

Sometimes animals have been traumatised by a Bonfire Night experience in the past so that every year they become uneasy as soon as the first explosion happens.  If that is the case the remedy Star of Bethlehem given a few days before can help.

If their fear is advanced and has morphed into terror and panic already I would recommend a different remedy, aimed at more extreme states, called Aspen.

The simplest way to give remedies to animals is to put them in drinking water. Add two drops of each remedy.  Add further drops whenever you top up the water. You can also put the drops onto a small treat, and offer this at least four times a day. However, and I know from personal experience, some dogs, cats and horses senses are so keen they immediately know if there is something “different” about their water or treats and turn their nose up at it! In that instance put the neat drops on your hands and apply liberally onto their coat.

Should the worst happen and your cherished pet or horse is exposed to fireworks at close range then bring out the Rescue Remedy (or sometimes called Comforter Essence) and dose both their water/food and rub onto their coat wherever possible. Sprinkling it on a favourite bed or blanket can also help. You may need to do this over several days to restore them to a sense of calm, however, try to avoid over-comforting pets. You may inadvertently reward them for displaying anxious behaviour, which may make them worse. Instead, praise and reward your pet if they stay calm.

Bach Flower remedies are available quite readily – I keep a limited stock at my Carlisle treatment room, however, good health food stores and online retailers such as Amazon also stock them.

If you’ve left it too late to stock up or you want a “belt and braces” approach you can try the acupressure points as shown below which are also designed to relieve anxiety. Gently massage.

puppy with acupressure point horse with acupressure point

Should you have any questions about how Bach Flower Remedies can help you, your family or your cherished pet then please don’t hesitate to contact me. In the meantime have a fabulous, safe, fun-filled Bonfire Night.



Until next time wishing you oodles of……

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