So, what is a “Celebrant”?

pexels-photo-207962I have always loved any kind of ceremony, wedding, christening, even funeral (yes, I know that sounds weird)…

I think its something to do with how, as a child, I saw firsthand how sensitive wordcraft combined with ritual could create a healing energy to power a new beginning or to calm during a gracious send-off. Whatever the reason, for years I hankered to be “involved” in ceremonies. In my 20’s I nearly applied to be a trainee wedding registrar for the Council but the money was pants and in those day’s “money was everything” as they say. Having experienced my own weddings (yes, that was plural) I know first hand of the desire to infuse the ceremony with a little of your own personality but it “not be allowed” because of “the rules”. If I had only known then that there was a world of such wonderfully talented creators called “Celebrants”!

“A Celebrant is a person who is qualified to design and deliver beautifully unique ceremonies”

Do you yearn for a hilltop wedding at sunset? Then a Celebrant can create a unique ceremony for you, one which will truly reflect your deep and enduring love for each other. (And if you are worried about the “legal bit”, did you know that the only legal requirement in order to “get wed” is to say 42 words in the presence of a registrar and 2 witnesses and then sign the paperwork? No ceremony, vows or ring exchange is legally required and it can be done quickly anpexels-photo-931796d inexpensively). I love to incorporate ancient traditions such as candle ceremonies, hand-fastings and ring-warming rituals. It matters not of the participant’s sexuality.. all that matters to me is the love in their hearts for one another.

Would you like to mark that special anniversary or celebrate making it to the other side of a “rough patch”? A celebrant will craft a beautiful vow renewal ceremony to reaffirm your love for each other.

Does the thought of a civil cremation feel cold and impersonal? Then a Celebrant can create a loving heart-led service for your loved one. Or perhaps they weren’t religious in the traditional sense but would like a spiritual element to their service. A celebrant can weave a ceremony sensitively combining any beliefs.

pexels-photo-733881Perhaps you’re not religious, but would like to celebrate the new arrival with family and friends? Then a Celebrant-led baby naming ceremony may be just what you need. (This can also be applied to adoption (of whatever age), a surrogacy birth, the “blending” of families or any situation involving a change of name).

So how does Celebrancy tie in with the healing work I already do? For thousands of years, civilisations have used ritual, ceremonies and wordcraft to heal. They are still used that way in many Eastern cultures. We, thankfully, in the West are starting to rediscover the power they have. Whether clients realise it or not every energy-led healing session has elements of ritual and ceremony in it… Also, as I have grown older I have come to realise the importance of a “process”, whether that be birth, death, healing or in fact just living. As a culture, we have forgotten this necessity and accordingly life has become more a daily “survival” rather than “joyful living”. As a culture, we rely more and more heavily on technology but technology can’t mend our hearts.

How did I come to find this path to Celebrancy? I met an amazing lady called Veronika Robinson, a celebrant with over 25 years experience, an accomplished author, wife and mother to two daughters. I met her through a local networking group and although she introduced herself beautifully as an “independent celebrant” it never occurred to me to ask how I may train, instead, I lovingly filed it away with a “note to self” in case I ever needed her services in the future and instead started researching training via Google. However, after many months which lead into years of searching, the training courses I found either felt cold and clinical or were 100’s of miles away and cost thousands of pounds for what seemed very little content. Then, (and those of you who hold with the belief of “The Universe” having a hand in things will see the serendipity in this), by chance an advert for “Heart-led Celebrant Training” on Facebook popped up in my newsfeed. I normally scroll over adverts without a second glance but this one, with its talk of heart-led respect for these processes and learning how to “hold the space” of an event sang to me and excitedly I contacted them. I then discovered it was run by none other than the lovely Veronika and her husband Paul. Veronika and Paul opened up their hearts and home to me and so began my training in the elements of Celebrancy including subjects I hadn’t expected but was very grateful for such as voice and performance coaching!

I gratefully completed my training earlier this month and am enjoying creating a lovely network of wedding planners, bridal suppliers, photographers and funeral directors and look forward to working with them in the future. If you would like more details about heartfelt Celebrant-led ceremonies you can find more HERE or drop me an email at It would be my privilege to serve you as your Celebrant, whatever the event.

Until next time, wishing you oodles of

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