"Sweet Dreams" Better Sleep body balm 120ML ONLY


"Sweet Dreams" Better Sleep body balm 120ML ONLY sweet-dreams-01

Here is a recent review from a user "Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the "Sweet Dreams" - BETTER SLEEP cream you made me is lovely! I don't normally sleep well but have slept like a log since using it and have noticed that my hips are less stiff in a morning! I'll definitely be recommending it to family and friends!!"- L. Downie

Ingredients: butyrospermum parkii (organic shea nut butter); cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil); matricaria chamomilla (chamomile); organic apple cider vinegar; Essential oils: lavender; lemongrass; chamomile; camphor; wild spruce; MgCI2 (magnesium chloride); ionic sulfur (methylsufonylmethane); mineral water; colloidal silver 45ppm; Vitamin D3

Directions for use: for best results apply to the abdomen and lower back preferably at least 20 minutes before sleep for a minimum of 15 consecutive nights. A gentle tingling sensation may occur on the skin, this is normal.. Some separation of ingredients can occur at higher temperatures, this is normal. At 23C or above keep refrigerated if desired. Note: this product has not been tested with regard to any medical contraindications nor its safety of use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

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