I accept cash and debit or credit card payments (no surcharge)  – payments can also be made over the telephone

Whilst I offer many treatment options including several types of reflexology, bioenergy therapy, access bars therapy shamanic healing and food sensitivity testing experience has shown that optimum results are achieved often through a combination of modalities during one session so clients book a “treatment session” rather than a type of therapy. 

ADULT –  “1st” session is 120 minutes and £60.00 (includes assessment/consultation and treatment)

BABY/CHILD – 1st session is up to 90 minutes and £45.00

All sessions thereafter are 90 minutes and £45.00 (but further 120 minutes session are available if desired)

Distance healing sessions (adult or child) from £25.00

Property energy clearing distance sessions from £45.00

Business/Corporate health and wellbeing email

Celebrancy Services (funeral, wedding, baby naming cereomonies) email



All prices shown are valid from 16th February 2019

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