I accept cash, debit or credit card payments (no surcharge)  – payments can also be made over the telephone

Whilst I offer many treatment options including several types of reflexology, bio-energy therapy, access bars therapy, shamanic healing and food sensitivity testing, experience has shown that optimum results are achieved often through a combination of modalities during the session.

ADULT –  “1st” session is 150 minutes and £75.00 (includes assessment/consultation and treatment)

BABY/CHILD – session is up to 90 minutes and £50.00

All sessions thereafter for Adults are £50.00 for 90 minutes or £60.00 for 120 minutes (time length must be specified at the time of booking)

DISTANCE HEALING sessions (adult or child) from £40.00

PROPERTY ENERGY CLEARING distance sessions from £60.00

TAROT HEALING SESSION – in person or via FaceTime – 90 minutes from £50

TAROT TEACHING sessions – 3 hours from £100.00 (to qualify for this session you must have had at least 1 x  Tarot Healing session previously)

NEW MUMS ONLY – In our treatment room or in your own home. 1 x 120 minute session including a healing magnesium foot spa treatment; crystal healing treatment and energy balancing session. £75.00

“CUTTING THE TIES” – Learn one the most powerful and ancient rituals and “cut ties” to whatever is holding you back/making you unhappy etc. whether that be an “ex”, a past memory or a family member/issue. 3 hours from £100.00

Business/Corporate health and wellbeing services email

Celebrancy Services (including funeral, memorial service, wedding, vow renewal and baby naming ceremonies) email or telephone 07889648238

 All prices shown are valid from 16th February 2019

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