Want to avoid the hangover from hell?

Dear Liver,this month will be rough, forgive me x

It’s that time again folks! Christmas is nearly upon us ! How did that happen??? It seems only two minutes ago it was the school holidays. Dark nights and frosty mornings seemed an aeon away… but here they are… so while party frocks and heels are being purchased and calendar events added remember to add some “liver love” to your prep. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the morning. 

I did a post last Christmas about the mechanics behind hangovers. We will have none of that this year as frankly, it was dull. So this year let’s, as they say, “get to the good stuff”… This is my own personal “hangover cure”. Its never let me down (unless I didn’t drink it but that’s more about my idiocy than a lack of its ability) and this year it is even better due to the addition of a couple of new ingredients (yes I have test-driven it). The key to a good “hangover cure” is rehydration, liver support, blood sugar re-balance and reduction of inflammation. Want to know why that is, then message me and ask as the mechanics are waaaaay too stuffy for this post and I don’t want to kill this unfamiliar anticipatory Christmas feel-good feeling. I came late to the celebration of Christmas (long story) so I have never found it an easy event to get into the mood for. However, this year I’m uncharacteristically buzzed. So bring it on….

Firstly you are going to need a large jug of some sort. One that can hold 2 litres of fluid and also probably a couple of 1 litre water bottles. Buy these asap so you have them ready. Also, you are going to want to prep this BEFORE you go out drinking….

You will need:

“Thorncroft” detox cordial – available in my clinic or from good health food stores THORNTON DETOX CORDIAL

Manuka Honey (preferably a high strength one such as the 30+ my clients use) – available in my clinic or from good health food stores

solstic energy“Solstic Energy” sachets (sachets of magic stuff and B vitamins that boost energy levels) – available here 

2 fresh lemons

Organic AND cloudy apple cider vinegar – available in my clinic or from good health food stores

“Nature’s Sunshine” Omega 3-6-9 capsules – available here Omega 3 6 9 natures sunshine


Instructions: To your newly purchased handsome 2 litre jug add:

30ml of the detox cordial, the 2 lemons (squeezed), the 2 teaspoons of Manuka honey (you may want/need to dissolve this in a bit of hot water first), 6 teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar and 2 sachets of the “Solstic Energy”. Mix well then split this liquid into the two 1 litre bottles and put one of them somewhere you will trip over it when you return in your drunken state.

Now here’s the important bit… when you get home YOU MUST DRINK ideally all but definitely as much as you can, of one of the bottles and take THREE of the Omega 3-6-9 capsules. Then, take the other bottle (and potentially the remains of the first bottle) to bed with you (or if you are super organised and confident you will make it to bed – put it next to your bed before you go out). Should you wake in the night thirsty, drink this second bottle and then finish all the remaining liquid off when you finally wake the next day AND take another 3 of the Omega 3-6-9 capsules with it. 

Again, there is a whole sciency bit behind it all so if you want more details on that I am happy to share. Just drop me a message. All the items above can be purchased individually at a total cost of £89.90 however if you fancy an easy life I am putting together some kits which include: 1 x 500ml bottle of “Raw” organic and cloudy apple cider vinegar, a large 500g jar of high strength 30+ Manuka Honey, 1 box of 30 sachets of the Solstic Energy, 1 x 330ml bottle of detox cordial and 1 bottle of 60 Omega 3-6-9 capsules. You can have the whole kit for only £69.99.

If you want a very easy life for an extra £5.00 I can arrange to include a large 2 litre jug and a couple of 1 litre water bottles.

Deadline for orders for the kit is 11th December however single items can be purchased up to the day before the closure of clinic for Christmas which this year is 22nd December.

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Until next time wishing you oodles of 

Health and Healing For All