Who’d have thought it? – it works!

Last weeks blog was all about “Accountability” and how, in order to motivate yourself, you can use an “Accountability Buddy”.

Just to recap, an Accountability Buddy is a person to hold you to account over whether or not you have followed through on your “promise” to do something. I don’t know if you recall, but I nominated YOU, as mine.

I have to admit I am a procrastinator by nature. I need a good solid deadline to kick me into gear. Give me a month in which to complete something and on day 28, due to little or no “doing”,  I will be sweating more than a slice of processed cheese on a hot day….

So, I had promised that in the next week I would have “enquired” about Horse Riding lessons.

Days go by, its on my list, I keep thinking about it, but I don’t actually “do” anything about it.

Another 24 hours of procrastinating slips blissfully by, but then it dawns on me, I have to report back to you, NOW…

So, with sweaty palms I hit the internet – searching for Horse Riding Schools that cater to the nervous novice. A phone call later and not only have I “enquired” – which was my promise last week – I have booked a lesson!! Yes, this slightly horse-phobic individual will, on 20th May be saddling up. Yee-ha!

So, it turns out this “accountability” lark works! The thought of having to admit to you that I hadn’t done what I promised to do was enough to motivate me into doing something about it. Eureka moment. Have I found the stick with which to poke me into action? I sincerely hope so and it would appear you are holding it!

So, what are your goals? Is it to eat more healthily perhaps or take more exercise? If so, I would seriously recommend getting an “Accountability Buddy”. Plus, don’t aim too high, note that last week I said I would “enquire” about horse riding lessons – not book one or actually have one –  if your goal is to”eat more healthily” perhaps a less mountainous plan might be – “every day for the next 7 days I will eat a different vegetable” – then report back – daily if need be to your “Buddy” about your progress. Its amazing how just 7 days can turn a temporary change into a really good healthydaily habit.

So, love it or hate it,on the 20th May 2015 I will be a step closer to my goal… wish me luck, after all, it was you who drove me to it!


Until next time

Health and Healing