Will you accept the job?

The sun is shining….

That golden glowy ball in the sky that my body thought had emigrated for good is here, in all its glory. I can leave the house without my thermal vest or opaque tights! Yay! (well trousers are still required as shaving the legs still seems a bit hasty…). Ok so the forecast says tomorrow it will be gone (and by the time you read this we may be back to our usual grey dullness) but it’s amazing how the sunshine changes how we look at everything. Suddenly when we finish work we are less inclined to just eat, veg and sleep. Although we still all have the same 24 hours it somehow feels like the “days are longer” and the possibilities for “getting things done” are endless.

I went to a meeting last week hosted by the YES GROUP BORDERS where a fabulous lady called Sarah Short of the Sales Academy for Girls was our speaker. The talk was both inspirational and motivational and even several days afterwards I am still thinking about it (which is rare for me with my “attention span of gnat” mentality).

I asked Sarah how I could follow through on my goals – in other words I’m great at making lists but less good at following through on the contents. I have a fabulous “bucket list” including learning to ride a horse (I was bitten by a horse, on my belly, whilst wearing a bright orange bathing suit as a small child so horses and I have some issues), passing my motorbike CBT & visiting the Sydney Opera House to name but a few on it, however I don’t actually move any closer to doing them. Sarah pointed out that a goal without a (written!) action plan is just a dream….   The secret is dissecting your goal into small manageable chunks rather than aiming for the top instantly (note to self!).

So what will motivate me to accomplish my goals? Apparently it’s something called ACCOUNTABILITY and more importantly getting an………..” Accountability Buddy”. An AB is someone you tell your goal(s) to. They and you then check in at prearranged times to assess what progress has been made and they take you to task if you haven’t followed through on what you promised to do that week/month etc. I’m somewhat oversimplifying the process but I’m sure you get the drift.

So who should your Accountability Buddy be? Preferably not a friend or family member because we all tend to cut each other too much slack. There are professional AB’s apparently who can provide this service but I have decided that each and every one of you out there reading this are now my AB!

So my promise to YOU is this : this week I am going to make serious enquiries on where locally a nervous novice can learn to ride a horse and report back next week. Watch This Space…..horse laughing

until next time Health and Healing

The next YES GROUP BORDERS meeting is on May 19th 7-9pm at the Premier Inn Junction 44 of the M6 Carlisle. £5 on the door and this months session will focus on how to create the future you desire through active goal setting – this is where you will get a clear picture on what you want your life to look like 1,3,5 or even 10 years from today. They will take us through the principles of goal setting and the workings of how to do it.The aim is for you to walk away clearer about what in life makes you happy and fulfilled and how you can begin to make it a reality!