Our world has been changing over these last few weeks. Our own worlds have become smaller. With the lockdown, smaller still…
The impact mentally and emotionally will be felt by many. Especially those who rely on regular interaction for their daily dose of “feel good factor”.

Instead of feeling cooped up and low let’s flip this on its head and set a NEW INTENTION with a new “mantra”.

“My intention is… to use this time we have been gifted wisely… to heal the body and the soul – physically and emotionally, while we give Mother Earth the time to heal hers.

Between distance healing and tarot sessions for clients I am looking forward to spending this new found freedom exploring
Studying, reading, learning, resting, self healing, yoga, de-cluttering, meditating, getting outside/running (well more a slow jog ha ha – while still permitted); listening to music and audiobooks, connecting with loved ones (by phone). If I was more creatively talented I would sling in there some painting and drawing but I’m not!

My strongest advice to all is “stay occupied” and ideally with something other than TV. Its been shown the longer we sit in front of a TV the more unmotivated and eventually mentally suppressed we become, leading to depression. Limit your input of fear.

For the community.

For Mother Earth…

For You.

Until next time…

Adrienne x