Work with me

When you work with me

True healing comes from within, so it isn’t some person saying they will “heal you”, that’s a myth, no, it is us, working together, supported, learning and growing.  

It is energy, working together, it’s talking, it’s listening, it’s emotional clearing.      It’s releasing pain.  It’s all that and more, in unity.

It is real transformation through ancient and modern practices to cleanse and heal, to re-energise and recharge – physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.

It is learning to connect with your soul, making peace with your inner child and shadow side and in the process releasing old rigid mental patterning and emotional fog. You will improve your health, on all levels.

Together you will embrace your true essence and find your bliss.

I will then teach you how to maintain this new level of health.

I welcome you into a compassionate, safe, and loving space to allow you to release your issues and step into your true power.

The Details

My name is Adrienne Harrison-Cottrell  ITEC.Dip, Dip N.Adv, BED. Sessions with myself use Distance Healing, via telephone, email or online via FaceTime or WhatsApp video so wherever you are in the world I am here to help you. 

I am also qualified to carry out property “energy cleansing” – for example, if you are struggling to sell your home or you are buying a new one. When you remove old stagnant energy the property feels more “homely”, welcoming and inviting. Easier to live in. This can also apply to businesses and business premises.

This can also be accomplished remotely by Distance Healing work.  


 Payment Options: bank transfer or Paypal