When we are born, most often we do so with the assistance of a midwife. The midwife ensures the safe arrival of that soul into this world.

An “End-of-Life midwife” or “Death Doula” or the many other titles the role can be given such as “End-of-life companion” or “Soul Midwife” or “Soul Companion” or “Deathwalker”, is the person who can accompany the dying person on their journey, who helps that soul move out of this world and ensures the safe transition across that threshold into their next home. Wherever that may be.

Death, to most, is a terrifying thought. And the thought of facing it alone or having to shepherd a loved one through it can be overwhelming.

That is where an “End-of-Life-Midwife” comes in. That is where I come in.

There are those that enlist my help at the start of their end of life journey, perhaps after receiving a terminal diagnosis or their family does, on their behalf.

Or there are those that require my assistance much further down the line, closer to their or their loved ones onward travel.

My role is to provide a compassionate, non-judgemental loving space. To supply a sense of calm and normality as much as possible. I will be a non-medical, holistic companion who guides and supports the dying and their family in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.

This includes guiding the loved one and their family, helping them understand the signs and symptoms of the death process on a physical and emotional level.

I am blessed to have at my disposal, in my personal life the blessing of having cared for a loved one who was dying and being with them at their end of life, but I also have many holistic therapies and Shamanic rituals to support them on their journey, to make it a softer, more peaceful and yes, it is possible, a beautiful transition.

And then, after the transition, I am able to offer emotional support in the form of conducting an End-of-Life Celebration Ceremony (funeral service) and then later, even Shamanic Counselling for bereavement.

If you would like more details or to discuss, in confidence, how I may be of service to you and yours, then please reach out.

I am a listening ear.

For you. And yours.