IMBOLC – a new beginning! Imbolc means “in the belly of the Mother” because the seeds of spring are beginning to stir in the belly of Mother Earth and so it is that Imbolc as a festival is a time to look forward. A time to look to the future. A time of new activity and plans for the months ahead.

This year it collides with the amazing NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS. If you haven’t already I encourage you to check out my related blog post here. 

It is always good to align oneself with the seasons. It has an amazing balancing effect on the emotions and physical body. NOW is the time to welcome back the “Sun” (those of you that do energy work realise that the “Sun” is so much more than the literal ball of fire in the sky – if you would like more information on that you can ask me here)

NOW is the time to contemplate the seeds you sow this spring, physically, emotionally and mentally!

Here are two lovely simple rituals to help you welcome in that new energy and to say “Thank You” to Mother Earth…

Bathing aromatherapy ritual1. A Cleansing Bath Ritual – You will want to allow a good 20-30 minutes for this ritual ~ everyone knows just how good a bath can feel BUT to add an extra cleaning dimension add at least half a cup of Epsom salts along with a handful of Cinnamon (either cinnamon sticks or powdered cinnamon). Make sure your bath isn’t too hot. You can always top up as you go along. Light some candles if available. If you have any amethyst available you can place that in the bathroom with you too. Now lie back and relax. Let everything drift away from you. If it helps, visualise the past year, its worries, it’s woes, just floating away like large helium balloons. Say thank you for the lessons they brought and now wish them well, and say “Goodbye”.

Candles2. A flaming candle ritual ~ this only takes a few minutes, if that is all you have. Imbolc starts in the late afternoon/evening of 1st February and lasts through to the 2nd of February so you can do this ritual any time in that period, I personally prefer to do it on the evening of the 1st. Make sure you are in a quiet space and have a pen and paper ready. You want two piece of paper. On one, write all that you feel you have learnt from in the past 12 months and that you are now ready to release. On the other write all your hopes wishes and dreams for the next as months. The former, you are going to burn in the flame. The latter list, you will bury in the earth (or even in a potted plant – preferably a healthy one!). As you burn the old list just say over and over “I Am Here, The Time Is Now, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”. Stay with this part of the ritual until you feel ready to move on. Then address your new list. Open your eyes wide. Look at the list with “new eyes”, feel the energy and health and wealth tied up in that one small piece of paper. How powerful it is! Then fold it, say Thank You, give it a kiss and place it in Mother Earth.

I hope you find these of support and help during your Awakening.

Namaste & Love and Light

Adrienne x

IMBOLC – a new beginning!