What to expect for the next 11 days….

The 1st of November saw the opening of an energy portal, which will remain active until 11th November.

This will create a massive energy shift for everyone so here through the medium of Gnostic Tarot, are some pointers on what to expect and what you can do to work with the energy flow rather than against it…

The Gnostic Tarot cards for 1st - 11th November

The top two cards sum up the energy of the portal:

The Judgement & The Hanged Man  – The energy is tricky. You may experience a resurgence of old mental patterns (or perhaps current ones!) around “I’m not good enough” (The Judgement card) and a feeling of being “stuck” (the Hanged Man)

The bottom 3 cards read from left to right and give us insight into the physical, the emotional and the action required:

1. This is where in the physical body you may feel the energy. This card, Bismuth indicates it will be “in the head”. Note the jaw, teeth, and sinus cavities. (Eucalyptus essential oil will be your saviour!)

2. This is the emotional impact of the energy. The card is the “Seeker of Wands”. Note the card is reversed. In this particular Tarot set, this indicates a negative. You may feel frustrated, especially about any new projects or plans that seemingly come to nothing. You feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. Nothing is changing. Here’s an important reminder –  nothing is ever nothing! The energies are working even if we can’t see it in the moment. Don’t be tempted to push harder!

3. This is the “Action” card. Basically, what to do… In this instance the answer is clear, “Get Creative”! Creativity can take many forms. It can mean finding a more creative way to bring your plans or project to life (have you become rigid in your ways or thinking? Perhaps not open to new ideas or ways of working?) Or it can mean a “diversion”, a release for the mind away from the focus of the task, but something that requires our creative mind rather than our logical, thinking, planning mind. In this case, it’s a bit of both. Life, as we know, should be all about balance. Work AND play. Remember to have some fun along the way. Get busy letting those creative juices flow!

TOP HEALTH TIP: Did you know the brain is a “moist” organ? So in order to allow good creative “flow” we need to supply it with lots of fluids – this time of year a good combination is lemon juice, the fresh herb thyme and Manuka honey in hot water along with a couple of teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar. Ideally, at least 2 pints of this concoction a day.

Adrienne x