Here is a lovely example of how Gnostic Tarot can provide advice for you in your daily life… (be sure to read to the end for a special offering just for you)

It’s Wednesday 27th October and here are what the cards say for you…

Card 1. 

The first card is the “instruction” card for the day.

The Observer.

Card one in this Gnostic Tarot Lay for the day 27th October.

Card one. The Observer. Watch – don’t speak or act today. Just observe…


Card 2.

The second card is the supporting advice for card one. The “how to” do what card one has instructed…

The Hanged Man/Woman

Card 2 in the Gnostic Tarot Lay of the Day 27th October

Card two is the supporting card of card one. The “how to” card.

It tells you to ‘trust the process”. Allow what you see. Let it play out before your eyes.

Card 3. 

The final card in todays spread. This is your “next steps” card…

Gort Ivy

The third card in the Gnostic Tarot lay for 27th October 2021

The third card is your “further advice card”…

Now you’re not speaking and doing you will have time to see the truth. Are you, without realising it, perhaps adding to or giving your energy to some of the issues you see before you? Is it time for a change, in your actions and thoughts perhaps? Take a moment to ponder over that. If some of these issues are emanating from yourself then you are the one with the power. All you have to do is withdraw your energy and the issue will reduce!


These cards are a just a taster of the power of Gnostic Tarot on a daily basis.

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