Venus the planet of love returns to us on 31st January 2022

When people hear the word it conjures everything from Love, to Boticelli’s masterpiece to the planet itself.

Well, Venus has been in retrograde since December 19th 2021 (if you aren’t familiar with the term “retrograde” – When a planet is in Retrograde it means that they are appearing to move backwards but the actual reality is that they are perceived to only be moving in this way from our view point on Earth. Planets can’t actually move backwards per se. It just means that the Earth moves around the Sun at different speeds in relation to the other planets BUT what is important is how the planets movement affects us on earth). But today Venus “Stations Direct” – in effect she returns with all her majesty!

So what will that mean for you? It will focus your attention. On Love. Today we close a chapter and open a door. One to a new reality and deeper love. As Venus goes direct we will be “encouraged” (note the Universe can use various methods and sometimes even abrupt force if we resist change!) to bring closure or transformation to relationships that are unaligned. We will be “asked” to distance ourself from unhealthy or controlling relationships that bring sadness, chaos and confusion and shower love and attention on those that are healthy, uplifting and enlightening.

It will ask us to look at how we love the most important person in our lives, or should I say the person who SHOULD be the most important. You. Yourself. How we feel about ourself and our own physical body is going to come to the fore. Strongly and forcefully. Do you love your body?

That will be the question that the Universe will be asking of you. If you don’t… then the Universe through direct and indirect means will take steps to help you realign your thoughts and feelings and to change what needs to be changed (perhaps your nutrient intake? Or perhaps your work-life balance or even your sleep-wake cycle? Exercise – too little or too much – neither is healthy! Our health-habits should be healing and nourishing for the body and soul)

And more importantly, to learn to accept what doesnt need changed, we only think it does! Growing older is a part of life, our lines are like a map of our life’s journey. Why erase them?

Our health should focus on strength and power not superficial so-called “beauty”. Beauty takes many forms. Some of the most energetically beautiful people I have known in my life far from fit the media’s picture of “beauty”…

The key to finding love and feeling loved, to cultivating sustainable, healthy relationships starts here with this one act…

I encourage you to do this simple Self-Love meditation

After you have, the Universe asks you write down your thoughts and feelings.

What did it bring to your mind? What emotions arose? If you need help processing those then please reach out for help.

Continue this practice daily, if you can until “Love Day”, Valentines Day the 14th February if you can and then look back on your notes.

Ask yourself – What has changed?

Namaste, Love & Light

Adrienne x